• 1. No drama. If there is drama, you will be asked to go away with it. If you refuse, you will get a warning. Keep refusing and you get kicked.
  • 2. No clearing chat (wide spaces) unless and Admin/Chat Mod says it's okay.
  • 3. Role-playing is frowned upon. If you Role-play you will be asked to stop. If you refuse to stop, you will get a warning. Refuse, and you may get kicked.
  • 4. If you were not invited into this chat, you may be asked to leave, if you refuse, you will be kicked.
  • 5. No spamming. Admins and Chat Mods may do it sometimes because of their "Issues".
  • 6. Do not ask for personal information unless and Admin/Chat Mod says it's okay.
  • 7. Listen to the Admin/Chat Mods, such as Blaze7tyler, NexusShiker, and KonotaChanFanBoy2.
  • 8. Watch the caps from time to time. Caps can be considered spamming. You could end up getting kick-banned for caps.
  • 9. Remember, 3 warnings result in a kick-ban.
  • 10. Follow these rules.

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